As a young bride married to Richard Nicholson, Dyno Don’s nephew, I was received into the Nicholson family with open arms. Many family get togethers happened at Grandpa & Grandma Nicholson’s (Don’s parent’s) large house in Pasadena, especially at holidays. Uncle Don, Aunt Patty and Cindy would come to these events if they were in town. They spent quite a bit of time on the road going to race at various NHRA race tracks.

We would go to the local track at the Los Angeles County Fair Grounds in Pomona to see them. We were welcomed warmly as we would meet them in the “pits”. Don and Patty had a motorhome set up next to the car he was racing at the time.

Dyno Don was gracious to all who visited him in the pits. It didn’t matter if it was a die hard fan or a child, anyone wanting a signature on a photo, T-shirt or hat, or fans just wanting to greet him, he was available to them (unless of course, he was working on the engine). All were treated with quiet, genuine hospitality and kindness.

Patty was his wife for life and partner in all his endeavors. She would travel with him to each location on the circuit or tour. As some of we gals would sit in the afore mentioned motor home, Patty would regale us with funny stories, all she claimed to be true. We would all laugh until we couldn’t breathe. When visiting them in their home in Orange County, after a meal, we usually ended up playing card games. So homey!
After Sunday race day, those family and friends that had come to watch Dyno Don, most generally would go out to dinner afterwards. Again, they were inclusive of everyone.

You knew you were going to be lovingly received and warmly included being with them. We cared so much for Uncle Don and admired how he treated everyone, we named our Son, Don, after his great Uncle Dyno Don.

Linda A. Nicholson
Niece by marriage

That’s me in the car in the picture below!